1 de junho de 2015

Estilo Boho Chic

You know when you want a style lightly but with a chic footprint, just not know how to begin assembling the look? Well, so I came to help. For it, brought me the shop StyleMoi,is a whopping shop with wonderful and full of style options and that he will help you put together a stylish look and super chic, the famous abuse this style because it was comfortable for it then I brought some famous looks for you be inspired when mounting your look:
Alessandra Ambrosio: The actress and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio stands out with the boho chic style, the pictures above we can see that she loves fringes, which Lately's a real fever. The model does not dispense scarves and also the boot that harmonizes with the boho style, Alessandra likes to vary the style of glasses and the clothes she keeps neutral tones, where the highlight is on the attached accessories;
Selena  Has Gomez:the singer Selena Gomez enjoys even longer and stamped parts, as well as Alessandra Ambrosio the singer likes to vary the style of glasses, above the first photo we can see that Selena complemented the look with a neutral tone bag and fringes, in the second adhered to one stamped and to harmonize trousers, crochet blouse in a neutral tone, as the third and final the highlight was glasses and a skirt with an ethical print, not to call so much attention a basic blouse in black;
Vanessa Hudgens: A actress not dipensa the black nor the boots, which comes into harmony with the BOHA style, like the daring pieces, necklaces and chokers also part of Vanessa's style as well as other props that offer their looks.
After a few breaths, finally we will know the store;
The store Style Moi is a store full of style that caters to requests from their customers and leave happy There you have several options looks to . inspire and get well, and in addition you will find accessories and various other props to complement their looks, I hope you enjoy it a lot the store for more information'll leave the website below

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  1. Amo esse estilo, só falta as peças pra mim usar kkkkk



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