1 de abril de 2015

I ♥ Blazers

Hello girls, okay with you? Today we will talk about a piece that is doing the head of tune trendy crowd on  The blazer
duty:..Smooth or printed, with the sleeve folded or unfolded or in any case, we have to admit that the blazer has won our sympathy
are numerous combinations to suit all styles and preferences and all that you will give in the post today.
So girls, I'll start showing some pieces and talking a little bit of them and then immediately show looks for inspiration, right?



Good girls, let's start talking about plain blazers. They sure are true wild cards when it comes to style. Go well with printed or plain clothes and styles create clean when it comes to more formality.



Have the printed blazers, give a totally fun to look touch. It can be used with clothes without prints or even with patterned clothes, thus creating a super mix of prints!

Famous Who Love Blazers

Who here is super tuned in celebrities? Let's check some of them who do not give up a good blazer?

1- In the first picture we see the muse Sabrina Sato with a pink blazer and look following the blazer color. For in love with pink on duty there is the hint;

2 - Juliana Paes with a blazer with a super discreet look totally stylish. In particular, the three looks was my favorite;

3 Fernanda Souza dare to use the colored blazer with colorful blouse and also has a great result;

Look Motivational

Marina Ruy Barbosa used this look super color. The blazer constrata the color of the blouse, belt and shoes producing a visual super colorful and nice at the same time effect. The redhead really was not afraid at the time to be bold in coveralls and threw himself head without fear in the look which by the way was amazing!


1- Blazer White, Style Moi Extremely beautiful and the coolest thing is that it goes well on several different occasions and at all hours of the day;
2 Blazer Jeans, Style Moi I found this extremely beautiful blazer and jeans for being different;
3- Blazer with Animal Print Pattern, Style Moi This print blazer certainly mand won, haha. I love animal print patterns;
4- Blazer with Sequin, Style Moi I like everything too bright, haha so I think self-explanatory why I have chosen this as well;
5 Blazer Pink, Style Moi I'm crazy about pink and freaked loves when I saw this blazer in addition to find it super cute;
6- Blazer Nude, Style Moi Super basic and certainly a wildcard that we all should have in wardrobe.

And you girls? Liked the post? What is the favorite blazer style jacket you and what style you are more willing to buy? Tell me every little thing, right? I hope you enjoyed the post, kisses and see you soon <3

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  1. Tb amo Blazer!! :D
    Acho que faz toda a diferença no look!!
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  2. Bom eu Tbm Amo os Blazer, Acho que da um pouco de Elegantesa, a o Look. :D


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