1 de março de 2015

Trends Spring + Super findings clothing

Girls Hello, How are you? Spring is coming and with it various trends and cool clothes is also emerging. So then I thought, why not combine business with pleasure? Soon I decided to draw up this post for you in honor of this dear season approaching several cool and clear trends, several diquinhas super cool clothes! They are anxious? Mee too! So eyes open and come with me:

The color palette for Spring-Summer 2015 collection tends to value the fainter tones. . The color candy, or the palette of pastel colors, which was high in 2012 and in 2014 gives way to citrus shades, turn on a variation called "yummi colors" The name has a curious explanation: refers to similar colors with candy and fruit. closed tones and neons are left out. the main focus of the palette are off-white, nude, gray, mustard, lilac, purple, pink, blue pool, the green-military and peach. the basic combination of white with black windows must also master the most elegant shops.
(Fonte: http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/entretenimento/papa-das-tendencias-diz-agora-como-sera-o-verao-2015/)


  • Floral Dresses:  Ok, you can not deny that spring is the season of flowers. It's not all good walk the streets and to come across beautiful gardens full of flowers? And just imagine how nice reflect all this season of joy in our visual? Floral dresses are the face of the station and are super highskirts.


  • Colored Skirt:  They brighten any look and leave us with a super youthful look! Who does not like to use and abuse of a cheerful and feminine look? They are the right claimed in any occasion you imagineFun.


  • T-Shirts:  It's no use denying, these shirts are the sensation of the moment! The amis cool thing is that there are thousands of different patterns out there! Have for all tastes, styles and sizes! Impossible not to find one that is your face.

  • Bags: The accessories also have a lot this season! So I could not help but make a part of the post dedicated to this session. I do not know about you but I'm in love with bags! Not to mention of course, that are almost indispensable in our daily lives. I made a selection of bags that more thought to face the station = D

  • Jeans:  The jeans always remains independent of season high. Jeans are really a part wild and basic in the wardrobe of us all. He sure is fundamental object of our daily lives and especially against time and outputs of the past hours where we do not have much time to choose clothes. Shirt, sneakers and jeans break any branch!
Now girls, I leave with you some of other colors that will be in high this season so you can get inspired and create incredible and stylish looks:

(FONTE: Google Imagens)

Of all these beautiful colors to say that my favorite are: Hemlock, Cavenne and Dazzling Blue! I thought all three really wonderful and beautiful! I'm curious to know what was the favorite color of you girls!

And then, girls? I'm dying to know what is the favorite style of you! Click on top of the trends cited to be redirected to the page where I took Products! Kisses, good shopping and good spring to all!

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