21 de agosto de 2013

Short Prom Dresses For You

Hello girls how are you? Do you like to wear dress but in time to a more formal party does not know where to go, or buy !? So today I came here to give a super nice tip for you, vimmostrar several short formal dresses I chose it, I want to help make beautiful girls for more formal occasions, I have come to show you the luxury of selected dresses, bora check !?

That dress is this Wonderful, with this "bodice" lined by varied and some stones on the bottom too, a similar fabric with a satin and a classic color and sweet;

Already this is simpler, with a similar color with the previous picture, the bulge format like a heart enhancing the breasts, and with lace details and super delicate stones;

This strapless is also super simple with the underside with a wavy finish and smooth coast, already in front of a yellow lace with small sequins;

Baby Blue is a super cute color and looks good on any skin tone, the dress model is simple and elegant at the same time, with a defined waist and a straight neckline with stones in blue and silver he exudes elegance;

I'm in love with this dress, it's like what I used in my graduation, with a heart-shaped bulge enhancing the breasts covered by income, and back a V-neckline, a skirt made with pain liners, a satin and another of white tulle;

and you want a simple thing without exaggeration this is the perfect dress for you, with black color that matches with various accessories, the dress features a few rhinestones at the neckline, which goes to the part of the coast which is naked;

Pastel colors are cute, especially in clothing and stones as shown in the dress up, it's strapless and bare coast;

Purple is my favorite color, and even more on a clothes I like, besides being beautiful the dress is composed of white lace details with predrinhas silverware, a very light dress without exaggeration;

This dress does not have much to talk about, it just has a green background water and is covered by a black lace with heart-shaped neckline enhancing the breasts and bare coast and previous dresses;

Who here likes blue, is a striking color that blends with many cool colors, dress up is simple and chic to contain the stones in the bulge, which follows up the coast, since the skirt and just plain and simple.

Good people do not know if realized but every dress I chose are strapless, I love strapless dresses and I think they look good on almost all body types, and of course bring a lot of sexiness to the look. I love these dresses with a hotter air and flashy, I think that every woman deserves a dress that makes her feel like a princess!

I'm curious to know which dress was a favorite of you! Do not forget to tell me everything, right? The dresses you saw this post, you can find: Pickpromdresses.com I hope I have helped you, girls! Kisses and see you soon!

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  1. nice dresses ,especially like the sixth one ! :)


  2. lovely dresses! ˆˆ*
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