8 de agosto de 2013

Beautiful Graduation Dresses

Hello girls, how are you? Good is end of year and the college just for some girls, and finally comes the long-awaited graduation day to celebrate all his hard work for years and can boast their parents, and that this leaves them orgulhados getting beautiful with graduation dresses I will show, the dresses are to shatter and leave anyone drooling, slobbering it is the prices that are super into account and super worth investing, I separated some models that I love and I hope you like it too:

Want to leave the prom night for this story looks all dressed in silver details and worked with lush color, on the site you can find more information about the model;

Already this is delicate, with some jeweled straps that are thick, the model aims to mark the waist and let the shot trim, as well as the next models;

This model is simple and elegant at the same time, a basic color and goes with everything, as a strapless he displays his beautiful jeweled neckline and also marking the waist;

The blue color stands out a lot in this dress, also with rhinestones at the neckline and waist in the case is wider, which divides the part where the tulle of the charm to the dress with its large volume and wavy finishes;

Dress up is quite delicate, in front there is a "bulge" that covers part of the breasts and then is completed by a tulle containing and delicate details, in the lower part is made of smooth skirt covered by a lace tulle;

White is also a color that blends with any things, and dress up was very well prepared with silver rhinestones on the straps and on the breast, where the bulge contains the heart shape, which enhances the breasts;

But the yellow stands out in a dark or tanned skin, dress up is "naked" on the coast where contains silver stones, and the dress of the bulge is also marked by some pebbles;

If you like simplicity and is not a big fan of dresses run but fair, this is for you, this model there is a V-neckline in the front and back as well, where the tissue contains a relief, and the trim is just flat no detail;

And if you fancy something more "discreet" that does not have much color or too much detail this dress is perfect, the details only in one color, the tulle is composed of precious stones in red and waist big lace, super sweet, in back to shore gets naked;

Good you like to dare? Look at this dress is a arraso, all white in the waist a 'belt' which is behind a super tie, one shoulder the details in black lace are beautiful, where they go to the end virtually dress .

Well girls, speak if you will not rock the prom with these graduation dresses? awesome! As I said showed the models that I liked! The dresses you saw this post, you can find: Pickpromdresses.com I hope I have helped you, girls! Kisses and see you soon!

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